How Long Does It Take For A Check To Clear Wells Fargo

Getting your money from any bank can sometimes be annoying especially if you are unaware of their process and Wells Fargo is no different. Waiting for your money can be a little bit mind boggling since everybody knows that money makes the world go round. It is important to know a few things when it comes to banking because it will save you a lot of effort especially if you are making a transaction with someone.

With Wells Fargo, payroll checks are posted in 1 business day while business checks will take 3-4 business days to process. For more information on their policies and procedures, it would be good to ask a nearby Wells Fargo branch just to be sure of the time frame you would be spending on them.

How Long To Cash Check At Wells FargoWells Fargo Bank Members - If you are a Wells Fargo member many times a check will clear in 24 hours. Any check deposit of more that 10,000 dollars always requires more time because of the amount of checkpoints a deposit that big requires.You would not want to quote incorrect information and delay any purchase just because you do not know the right time frame when your money will be available. Banks have certain rules when it comes to releasing money.

General Bank Policies – Most of the time, a bank will post a check that was deposited into an account at midnight of the first business day. For instance, if the check was deposited on Saturday, then the funds would not be available til Tuesday morning and 12:00am. It may also would depend if the account has been in good standing or not. Banks have the discretion to hold bad standing accounts. They may try to hold its fund availability up to 10 days. This can even be done if the check comes from another state or town or simply if the origin of the check is unknown from the teller.

What Type Of Check - Aside from account standing, clearing of checks may also depend on what type of check is processed. There are different kinds of checks and they may also vary when it comes to processing. If it is a payroll check, then it should be available sooner as business checks takes a few more days to process.